About Us

Here is pure woman power!

Our family business consists of 6 hands, 12 dog paws and more than 40 years of dog experience.

Our handmade products in Austria combine style, hygiene and functionality.

As a 3-generation team, we make dog owners happy every day. The satisfaction of our customers is granted by the intensive test phases of our pack!

Let me introduce you to the team!


After Vera was best Austrian at the Pony European Championships in 1991, she founded Herzog in 2005. Together with her mother and daughter, she has been managing our dog store business for nearly 14 years, which consists of the service of shearing and cutting the dogs and a boutique with our own brand.


The foundation for the life we ​​are leading has made it possible for us. As a former trained druggist, Elfi has always had a heart for animals. Through her children have established the connection with horses and dogs, which Vera has finally brought to the European Championship. Elfi had the idea for our business back then. She brings more than 40 years of dog experience and we are glad that we have her by our side!

But who is the boss?


The youngest in the group is Valentina. The love of the animals was born to her in the cradle. Growing up with dogs and horses, she has always had an intimate bond with and sensitivity to animals. Like her mother, she also competed in state championships with her pony at the age of just 15. After she had no interest in studying, she joined the family business. She is the founder of HERZOG DOG, her first own brand. She will be planning her first litter in early 2019 with her bitch Kenai. With Hovawart bitch Fajara she will then officially realize her own kennel in 2020. Always at your side are her mother Vera and grandmother Elfi.

Bijou has been with us for 10 years now. The Terrier breed does it all honor. With her stubbornness she brings us every day on the palm, but we do not want to miss her. She has already experienced a lot in her 10 years. Starting with an emergency C-section, which nearly cost her and her boy's life and the terrible attack of a large dog that leaves her no confidence in other dogs, poisoning the rat, where she fought for several weeks for her life. Having arrived at the pension, she now spends the day being pampered by her servants (us).


Kenai is our sunshine. There is no day when she does not smile at us and our customers in the business. Of course she thinks she is the tallest with her barely 30cm. With her bodyguard Fajara on a foray can not happen to her!

Fajara is the youngest member of the Bund! But by far the biggest. Lovingly called a bulldozer, she and her step-sister Kenai experience one adventure after another.

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