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Here is pure woman power!

Our family business consists of 6 hands, 12 dog paws and more than 40 years of dog experience.

Our handmade products in Austria combine style, hygiene and functionality.

As a 3-generation team, we make dog owners happy every day. The satisfaction of our customers is granted by the intensive test phases of our pack!

Let me introduce you to the team!



The youngest in the group is Valentina. The love of the animals was born to her in the cradle. Growing up with dogs and horses, she has always had an intimate bond with and sensitivity to animals. Like her mother, she also competed in state championships with her pony at the age of just 15. After she had no interest in studying, she joined the family business. She is the founder of HERZOG DOG, her first own brand. She will be planning her first litter in early 2019 with her bitch Kenai. With Hovawart bitch Fajara she will then officially realize her own kennel in 2020. Always at your side are her mother Vera and grandmother Elfi.





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