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Born -  May 19, 2018


DM - N/N


Mother - Diva vom Casino Bond Royal  ( Breeder: Ute Mehler / Hovawart vom Casino Bond Royal )

Father - Cito vom Pferdebach (breeders Lara and Marco Mummeshohl / Hovawart vom Pferdebach)

Fajara's description:

Fajara, lovingly called Jara, is a typical Hovawart. She is incredibly loyal and affectionate. She would prefer to be a small lap dog and wants to be with everyone. Despite her size, she is very sensitive and affectionate, but she can also be like a elephant in a china shop. For our Fajara, her pack, which consists of my mother, my grandmother, me and our bulldog Maze, comes first. She always makes sure that everyone is together and nobody gets lost. 

Typical of the Hovawart, she is a very good watchdog and takes this role very seriously. Her appearance can make her appear intimidating, but she trusts whether the mistress sees visitors as a danger or as friends and accepts this. In no time she becomes a tail-wagging, curious and cuddly Hovawart. 


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