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Canelo - Brilliant 200ml

Canelo - Brilliant 200ml


The CANELO dog shampoo Brilliant cleans thoroughly and without drying out the sensitive dog skin, at the same time cares for the dog's hair and makes white fur shine thanks to crystal blue. The shampoo is tailored to the natural pH value of the dog's skin, so it is also ideal for sensitive dogs. Thanks to the innovative recipe, the coat can be combed through effortlessly even after it has dried.

The caring properties of nettle extract from our own production in combination with the natural vegetable oil soaps and the unique crystal blue make your dog's white fur shine. Of course, we do not use bleaching agents or silicones.

Here you can find out more about the natural ingredients in CANELO products.

  • Application note

    Application dog shampoo Classic

    • Moisten the fur.
    • Pre-foam the shampoo in your hand with a little water.
    • Massage Classic Dog Shampoo into the desired areas of fur and rinse carefully.
    • Dry the fur as usual.

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