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NESTOS lamb scalp

NESTOS lamb scalp

Nesto's Lamb Scalp is a special treat for any type of dog.

This treat is hot air dried and free from chemical additives, attractants, preservatives and sugar. Only the BEST for every fur nose.

100% natural lamb scalp without grains or binding agents.

The Nestos lamb scalp is  ideal for most allergy sufferers or dogs with food intolerance.


Attention, this chewing article contains dried bones - please only feed under supervision!

  • More info

    • Exclusively from regional, high-quality raw materials
    • 100% natural & pure hot air dried
    • Without artificial flavor enhancers
    • Without chemical coloring, preservatives and sugar
    • hand-picked and made in Austria
    • grain free
  • Composition & Analytical Constituents

    Composition:  100% lamb scalp

    Analytical components:  crude protein: 64.7%, crude fat: 7.3%, crude ash: 1.3%, moisture: 6.3%


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