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Nuka - Black

Nuka - Black

Our self-designed dog poufs are a new type of dog pillow. With a large selection of high-quality artificial boat leathers and faux fur, you can perfectly match your pouf to your dog or your home style. Thanks to its unique shape, the dog pouf immediately becomes a perfectly coordinated piece of furniture in your home. The filling strength can be specially tailored to the weight and preferences of your favorite.  

  • Composition

    * high quality synthetic leather
    * durable
    * lightfast
    * tear-resistant
    * easy to care for
    * abrasion resistant
    * Fire protection certified

    * cozy faux fur
    * remains odorless, even if it gets slightly damp
    * washable at 30 degrees

    The LYING AREA is exchangeable, underneath there is another sleeping place on a durable high-performance upholstery fabric with stain protection

    * protects against dirt, stains, even red wine stains, blood stains or grease stains can be easily removed.

    The interchangeable faux fur on the lying surface is underlaid with a

    * breathable, recyclable fleece and moisture protection

    * washable at 30 degrees

    * EPS pearls tested for harmful substances
    * flexibly adapting to the body
    * odorless
    * noiseless
    * flame retardant
    * washable at 30 degrees

  • Size Chart

    Size S

    • Diameter 80cm
    • Height 27cm

    Size M

    • Diameter 100cm
    • Height 27cm

    Size L

    • Diameter 120cm
    • Height 27cm

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